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Essay Three: Starting the Antidote

Why It Is Important to Begin Right Now


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I would like to begin the third essay with an exchange I had with Mrs. Cog on her sub-forum at called ‘Scientific Studies on Consciousness’. What I said there is extremely important - but I said it very poorly. I want to restate some of these comments and expand on them so they will be clearer. I wish anyone who is interested to know exactly why it is so important to immediately begin to fix the damage within us that has been caused by the Lies of Modernity.


Regarding ‘Scientific Studies on Consciousness’:


Comment by - On the Beach:

My opinion, for what it’s worth. I guess the usual value is about 2 cents.

1. Matter and energy are equivalent in some form, perhaps not in the same way as the Einstein equation but in some way. Matter is energy slowed down and energy is matter speeded up. (Don’t you just love circular definitions!)

2. Consciousness is a property of energy. Perhaps the main property.

3. Matter is emergent consciousness.

4. There is no meta-physics. Everything is physics. Anything that happens will be a form of physics and perhaps we just don’t understand it yet. Nothing is magical and nothing should be in the realm of religion for its explanation. “I don’t know” is a valid statement that does not need any other validation by any so called higher authority.

5. Our job is to personally explore and discover the “I don’t knows” and moreover to never hand our necessary hard work off to anyone else.

Just where I am now, subject to change as I grow and change.


Response by - Mrs. Cog:

@On The Beach

“Our job is to personally explore and discover the “I don’t knows” and moreover to never hand our necessary hard work off to anyone else.”

What a different and wonderful world we might have if more people felt this way. Can you just imagine if this was standard operating procedure without the need of a policy to mandate it?


I then made a comment of my own in reply to hers, one that made a comparison between a place where everyone was functional according to their own abilities versus another place where they could also function, but with skills they really didn’t have mastery of; and that a person in such a place could actually hide their true feelings and intentions from others. I called this an ‘earthly place of shadows’. This response was so brief and without detail that I now feel I must elucidate further on this as it is an important piece of information for those who are intent on stepping away from the Lies of Modernity.

In the following essay, I will expand on my lengthy but unclear comment to Mrs. Cog’s reply so that my meaning here is crystal-clear.


Filling In the Blanks

My first comment in the quote above describes the relationship between matter and energy as I was taught, with consciousness being a form of energy. I was taught that nothing in life was more important than learning how to control the content and strength of our thoughts. Thinking was considered a ‘thing’, as much an object as any material object.

Mrs. Cog comments: “What a different and wonderful world we might have if more people felt this way. Can you just imagine if this was standard operating procedure without the need of a policy to mandate it?”

Her comment gets at the very heart of what is really going on here, and I am afraid that my follow-up reply did not really say what is happening in this earthly physical place as well as in the greater non-physical place. I want to make sure my words are very clear and understandable because the subject is so important.

The first place I describe in my reply comment to her, a place where each individual is held to an existence based on their skills and abilities, is the kind of place where we will spend most of our non-local, non-physical eternity. We could call this place ‘heaven’ since it is the place most physical humans would go to when they die and leave the physical earth. But to do so would be disingenuously sarcastic.

This place does not carry any religious connotations of a utopia. Those connotations have been created by earthly physical religions in their control systems of rewards. This place could be a place of reward for good physical behavior, but that would only happen because those entities decided it is what they wanted to have happen. Or it could be a place of punishment, created by those entities that thought punishment was supposed to happen to them after they die.

In this place we can do anything we can imagine doing - so long as we can actually manage to accomplish it. Perhaps it would be better to call this place ‘anti-heaven’, since there really is no reward or punishment going on in this place at all. But ‘anti-heaven’ has a negative connotation to it when using the word ‘anti’ and there is nothing negative about this place at all. In fact it is the opposite of negative in all possible ways. It is utterly transparent with potential. So let’s call this non-physical place we will all go to ‘transparency’ or ‘transparent place’.

Residing there and being our own modest kind of ‘creator’, we may come to think we are actually a ‘god’-like being in the making and should be able to create our own reality. Well, have at it; we are only limited by our abilities in such a ‘transparent place’. Free will reigns in this place as well. If you want to be creative and positive and learn how to do wonderful things, please feel free to attempt to do so. That is one kind of ‘transparency’.

But there are also other ways you can be ‘creative’ in a ‘transparency’ that works much the same way - however, with a very different kind of experience for its participants. For instance if you want to lie and cheat and steal and do all sorts of other nefarious activities, then get busy. There is a ‘transparent place’ for you too.

The uncomfortable truth about such ‘transparent places’ is they are each transparent environments where every single thought you have is instantly and completely visible for anyone and everyone to see and feel if they know how and want to do so. There is nothing that does not start with thought in this place. The only way we can create and reside in a reality where it is ‘normal’ to be a creative participant of any kind is to be surrounded by people trying to do the same things we are. They are our equals in ability and skills and our companions in this mutual and personally-created ‘transparent place’ - such as it is.

The thoughts we have when we enter this place of ‘transparency’, our attitudes, our beliefs, and our personal baggage - all create our actual reality there. We cannot escape this personally created ‘stuff’ in any possible way since this ‘stuff’ is, in fact, ‘us’. When we physically die we will exist in this personal ‘transparency’ as the gestalt of all our thoughts and actions as a physical being. Energetically we are this gestalt being. This might - or might not - be such a good thing depending on how we lived our physical life and how we thought about that life. I am not talking about being judged by anyone or anything outside of one’s self. That does not happen at all.

You want to be a ‘god’? Well, have at it. All the building blocks are there and you are an incipient, potential god after all. But - and this is a very important ‘but’ - in practice only.

So in this place entities of like skills and abilities tend to band together since they are of similarly operating energy levels. The energy levels of the people in this band collectively create their environment, their very own personal ‘group transparency’ according to their attitudes, skills and abilities. There is no way out of the natural fact of this place except through their own individual actions towards developing new and better thoughts, attitudes, skills and abilities.

There are no gods, no judges, no rulers, and no rules - except for one very important one: You have free will to do whatever you are able to do.

The main differences between these two energetic realities are that in ‘transparency’ you cannot hide your intentions or accomplish anything you are incapable of doing yourself. In the physical ‘shadows’ place we call ‘Earth’ you are able to hide your intentions and you can do things you are not actually able to do yourself simply for the sake of the dramas these actions produce. These are profound structural differences! Imagine life on Earth if lying or hiding true intentions were impossible.

However, the two places are actually similar in that ‘good and evil’ intentions can exist in each place. The main difference is that in the earthly ‘shadows’ location you can experience the results of actions you actually cannot perform in the ‘transparency’ location. This earthly energetic environment gives you access to a much greater and quicker range of observations and emotions, and thus the potential for very rapid progress in terms of recognizing and responding to opportunities for learning and growth.

While the potential for rapid growth in skills and knowledge is much greater in this earthly ‘shadows’ location, in ‘transparency’ you are limited to what you are personally able to do and are usually surrounded by entities with beliefs and intentions similar to your own. Your energy levels and your skills in using energy will be very similar to the way they are now, but the space or location you inhabit next will be much more homogenous than that of the physical Earth. The critical aspect of this difference is the clarity of an entity’s intention towards creating their reality out of the infinite potentiality of the universe.

Deep, careful observations that lead to carefully-crafted intentions will create structures of lasting and efficient energy use, all manifested with respect for others and their co-creations. Such are the kinds of things that will exist in this place. Entities who do not share the same values and intentions and qualities of conscious creation simply cannot co-exist together creatively. Personal growth in such a place can be much slower and less exciting because of the loss of the dramatic kinds of conflicts that can exist in this physical shadow place we call Earth. But it has the signature quality of being much more honest when it comes to your personal skills and beliefs.

I’ve been asked where this ‘transparent place’ is located and, while I wish to devote a few words here on this concept, I will dedicate an entire essay to this later in the series. The term ‘located’, as in a place, is inaccurate. This place, this ‘transparency’, is created by the quality of the group consciousness that is ‘there’. It is a conscious creation - your conscious creation. Because this is a place you create, you are directly responsible for everything about it. This is the reality for all of us when we are non-physical beings. All things lay within consciousness, not outside of it.

Our separation from the physical Earth while we are here is an illusion, an artifact of this place and our physical awareness, one that helps us create dramas here on our earthly stage. We, collectively and at the same time individually, create this place with the help of a large group of more knowledgeable beings who act as our personal assistants in this effort. This concept of objects and locations and everything being within consciousness, not outside of it, is central to what I am talking about throughout this essay series and needs a lot of elaboration. Please be patient; we will get there eventually.

This is why it is so important for us to connect to our larger non-physical consciousness as much as possible and to start to understand the actual power of our thoughts. We will never be separate from them and their effects - ever. So it is both wise and necessary at the same time to grasp this concept and begin to use it in everything we do and say here.

Everything in that ‘transparent place’ comes with a cost you must be able to pay in terms of the energy of consciousness. You do have the ability to pay it, but first you need to know how to do that.

What? You wanted to be a god, but didn’t want to do all that hard work?


Our Earthly ‘Time Out’

Ok, there is a plan for that too. It’s called a physical manifestation on Earth: an entire lifetime in a kind of ‘Kings X’ world where the rules do not apply, a ‘time-out’ sort of place where the real hard rules of only being able to ‘do what you can do’ don’t apply either.

In this earthly place, which I called the ‘shadows place’ in my reply to the forum comment above, the rules of ability don’t apply. A special kind of worldly ‘stage’ has been created here on Earth, one managed by non-physical entities. These entities can be thought of as assistants, helping us to manage our physical bodies. These assistants also help us, as child-like students, to play out action and adventure roles with each other without necessarily bearing the consequences of our thoughts in real time.

In fact, it is impossible to make judgments about what is going on here because these dramas are real dramas created for the benefit of all the various actors who are acting out their rehearsed roles. The real lessons here are how those roles are learned and played among the actors and what they make of the feelings, decisions and options among the various possible choices of actions available.

There can also be non-physical entities who may whisper seductive lies into our physical minds, trying to influence and control us in such a way that we give up our sovereignty and play out our lives in an ever-expanding web of lies. These entities feed off our energy while we are living inside their lies. Not being seduced by these lies and remaining responsible for ourselves and our actions is one of our duties while here as physical beings.

Life on Earth is a very, very intense experience, one carefully choreographed by unseen helpers trained to turn these plays into physical reality. Remember, while time appears to be linear in this physical place it has no meaning at all in the greater non-local place; so as much time and effort can be spent on these dramas as is needed. Also, the players in these dramas have the choice at almost any point to change these dramas as they gain skill and knowledge in these various situations.

But do not think these dramas are like a play at your local theater, having no consequences when completed. These plays are much more than life-and-death dramas. They are actually creating the core attitudes, beliefs and abilities of each child-like ‘spirit-participant’, i.e. each of ‘us’. When our spirit entities leave this physical school, we will be taking these experiences with us as a gestalt of beliefs and attitudes. These things will be directly expressed in the next non-local place we collectively inhabit as a function of the energy level and ability of each of us as individuals. Since that ‘transparent’ kind of place only operates under the rule of abilities, it is extremely important that we students learn some very important lessons while here on Earth.


Dark Forest - Clean


Unmasking the Illusion of ‘Karma’

When I say that such things will be directly expressed in the next non-local place we inhabit, do not mistake this for ‘judgment’ in the form of karma. I am not talking about that at all. Karma is totally a man-made construct. There is no-one and nothing sitting in judgment of who is doing what to anyone else, in order to inflict anything on anyone. No one is keeping score here.

The idea of karma is a false dogma dreamed up by physical humans to control other humans’ actions in the physical. Karma, as a kind of reward or punishment at some future time - such as in a future life, is just another way in which ‘Religion’ and its creators control personal beliefs here and now. No one can make those judgments and no one, physical or non-physical is doing so.

Karma, seen in this way, is nothing more than ‘Salvationism’ in a subtly different form. If that’s so one might ask, “Well since we are limitless, timeless beings with free will - why should we care what we do, since no one is keeping score?” And I would agree - except for something rather important to our eternal well-being.

Ultimately our non-local consciousness, which includes our physically-embodied spirit, cannot be destroyed. So there is no real danger ever of anything ‘dying’ that is inherently spiritual. But that is missing the point of the whole experience of being here on Earth. Learning how to make good, consciously-aware decisions in the ‘now-time’ is the main point of us being here. Not doing this equates to not being willing to learn how to be responsible for properly managing our own available creative energies. We might be too lazy to take on this responsibility - or, even worse, we might find ourselves talked into handing off this precious birthright to some other authority figure to do it for us.

One of the most dangerous aspects of such ‘Salvationism’ thinking is the shift from living and acting in ‘now-time’ to one focused primarily on past and future actions and outcomes. It teaches us to continually focus on the past via judgment for sins committed and/or into the future for the potential of a ‘reward’ for ‘right’ actions. Because there is no ‘time’ for us here in the physical except for ‘now-time’, actions taken based on the past or future go nowhere. Your awake mental voice loves to live in the past, endlessly reviewing events. But giving in to this very seductive idea of analysis of past actions as a guide for future ones is a kind of mind-trap.

It is the same regarding ‘living in the future’, an endless attempt to attain that all-elusive carrot hanging from a stick, usually one wielded by those same authority figures. The only truly viable point of action is to learn to make better choices here and now. Intentional action, taken as a result of good observation and attention and leading to positive long-term consequences is what is important. Action now is the important event, not mental exercises spent thinking about the past or dreaming about the future.

Action can only happen in the ‘now-time’ and this is where a physical entity must learn to keep one’s focus. We create the future by exactly what we do in the present. There is no other time. And there is no other path than to learn to make the very best quality of decision possible in each instant of consciousness while in the physical material world.

Also, the idea of one life following another like pearls on a string, each one affecting the next, is hopelessly inadequate when you realize that most events are happening in non-local time, not linear time. It is not wrong to say that all lives are happening at the same time - but that is a very complex topic for later discussion.


As It Is in ‘Transparency’

The ‘transparent place’ I’m discussing here is the real ‘rubber-meets-the-road’ place where all actions and thoughts have direct and immediate consequences, instantly expressed as reality. This ‘instant reality’ is the true nature of most of the non-physical universe we will go to next, when we are no longer physical.

Live your physical life under the influence of a pack of unexamined lies and your time in the non-physical might not be too pleasant. This is why I say it is very important for us to throw off as many of the Lies of Modernity as we possibly can while we are still alive in this ‘Kings X’ place and time.

This might sound too hard, too harsh for you, and unnecessarily difficult. But for beings that can ultimately create almost any reality, how else are we to learn how to do this than to simply . . . learn how to do this? Besides, we have eternity to do so - and lots of assistance if we only know what help is available to us - and how to ask for it.

If we step into that next place with the very firm conviction that we will be saved and absolved of all our sins because we believe that such is the true way of our savior god - then we will be waiting for a long, long time for that to happen. And while we are waiting, the very same entities that lied to us while we were there on Earth will continue to perpetuate in ‘transparency’ the lies we loved so much on Earth. But in this much more difficult place, this ‘transparency’ of our very own creation, the consequences of giving up our power and sovereignty to some entity outside of ourselves by our own free will might have terrible consequences for us. There will be no more ‘Kings X’ time-outs.

There is no ‘thing’ or ‘god’ outside of ourselves that will save us. The only things we have in that place of infinite creation are our own awareness, skills and abilities. Give them up to anyone or anything else outside of ourselves and we are lost. Individually, each of us is wholly responsible for our greater Self, which exists there as defined by our own ongoing choices, whatever they are.

This is the hard truth of what it means to be a creative ‘god’-in-training. This is not what the New Age folks or any human Religion will admit truly goes on. But there is no other way.

We will be known by our Works. Period! Learn to make every one of them the very best they can be. There will come a time when this becomes a joy, a synergy with those around us who are sharing and working with us. But before we can get to that point we have to know how to get there. We have to know what we can do and how to do it.

Learning how to do that is hard work at first. If we take the easy path and listen to some seductive lie that there is, in fact, an easier way, i.e. one that says “Just follow me, believe in me and I will make it all so easy for you”, we will become lost and our mis-directed energy will become food for some really not-nice creatures. This will continue until we once again recognize our true Selves through the haze of our on-going pain and choose to become responsible for our own actions.


No Place Like ‘Hell’

Once I was taken to a place of such profound misery and hopelessness that it made me weep. I asked the guide who took me there if this was hell. He told me: No, there was no place like the hell described by our religions, a special place created for the punishment of sin. I told him it looked a lot like a place of punishment to me. He told me it was not punishment in any sense of that meaning, since no one was doing any punishing. The agony and misery of that place was all self-inflicted. Those beings were in a hell of their own creation because they could not function in any other place, and this awful place was where their energy levels could operate. They had each - individually and collectively - created this monstrous mess and were living in it, in endless agony.

Of course this was an extreme example, but it certainly made a lasting impression on me.

Right now, on our beautiful planet, we also live in a monstrous mess of our own creation. Most people on Earth live in endless misery, supporting the easy lives of a few. Most people do not know of, nor will they accept, their own participation in this monstrous mess, a mess of such enormity it now threatens all life on Earth.

Whether we know and accept our own parts in the creation of this situation on Earth when we are physical does not matter a bit. It does not matter here because this is a ‘time-out place’. But it matters greatly when we are no longer in this special time-out place of Earth. The lies that we live under on Earth could so easily be seen if we were not in such denial, not so seduced by the promise of an easy life, not so callous in disregarding the pain and suffering we are causing to others by accepting the Lies of Modernity.

We really should know better!

If we wanted to challenge the lies inside and outside ourselves; If we were able to see the effects of these lies and at least stop them inside ourselves, we could become so much more of who and what we really are. But for the majority of us, this is far too difficult. Instead, choosing to live in this monstrous mess while striving to be one of the few, an elite recipient of an easy life created by general global misery and enslavement, seems a much easier goal. So we work unceasingly towards that selfish and destructive goal with no thought for others or the effects of our thoughts and actions on them. The collective energy of the enslaved masses on Earth is being used to create and maintain this whole, monstrous mess.

Because this is a ‘Kings X’ time-out kind of place, the direct personal consequences of our thoughts, actions and irresponsible selfishness might not land on our own personal doorstep during our lives here. But what do you think is going to happen to physical people when we step out of our physical bodies? Will we suddenly become awakened and change? Or will we continue to answer the siren call of ease and salvation and expect it to extend into what we think of as ‘transparency’? Do you think you will be able to avoid the direct consequences of your thoughts and actions in this ‘transparent place’ as you were able to do on Earth?


Getting It Right

When physical people die, we have a split second of choice before our lot is cast according to our thoughts, actions, skills and abilities as practiced during our time on this planet. Our free will is going to be invoked one final time - and the consequences of a thoughtless response at this critical moment might be extreme.

If you have really done some work on yourself, really tried to get the Lies of Modernity out of your life and have actually tried to understand and to grow while physical, this last instant of free will choice might be much easier for you because you will truly know your responsibilities to both yourself and to all life around you.

If you don’t remember a single other thing I say, please try to remember this:

Someday, you will die. You will step out of your physical body and take on a transitional non-physical body. You will be greeted by family and friends and well-wishers, all welcoming you back to your larger life. Entities that assisted you in your physical life will be there. A being of pure light expressing emotions of care and kindness might be there. At this very distracting and very emotional moment, do not lose sight of this one chance - it is your final opportunity to express your free will and sovereignty at this very last moment of earthly ‘Kings X’ time.

Tell this assembly that you want the time and space and assistance to review your most recent physical life in great detail. This is your right. This will put you into another kind of ‘Kings X’ time: A time of reflection and reincorporation and change. This special time can wash away all the Lies of Modernity you took on when you were physical. You can be reborn, so to speak, by choosing to do this.

If you do not do this thing, if you decide for instance to immediately join your family or perhaps the love of your earthly life, you will become subject in the next instant to the one and only law of this place: you will find yourself residing in a ‘transparent place’ limited solely to your current functional ability and with no sense that this is the case. This is truly a case of being ‘stuck’ and tragically unaware that it might have been greatly different had you only stopped for that critical moment and chosen to truly look willingly and deeply at your recent life.

This ’oversight’ might not be at all good, since by being in such a rush for comfort at an emotionally-charged moment, you are coming from the Lies of Modernity world directly into an ongoing illusion of the same, and now haven’t a clue about what you really are or how this new ‘transparent place’ works.

This is why I emphasized in the previous essay that suicide was never a good idea. What if you step into this meeting at the end of your life with a sense of guilt over your suicide, guilt created by living under religious concepts that have nothing to do with the reality of this non-physical place? You might decide that you deserve the punishment that those earthly religions said would be coming to you from some judge who would condemn you. And in that instant of expectation, you would create those very punishments, perhaps spending eons in a hell of your own creation.

It is just so much better to get these Lies of Modernity out of us before that brief moment of final free will choice passes. Take some of your physical time on Earth right now to get some real consciousness back into your physical self. The easiest and best way to do this is to allow your physical consciousness to connect to the consciousness of our Mother: the Earth all around us.

She is truly ‘there for us’.

And that will be the focus of my upcoming essays.


Written by On The Beach

6 July 2014

Iba, Zambales, Philippines


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