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Essay Two: The Antidote

What does that mean?

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I mentioned earlier that one antidote to the corrosive influence of the Lies of Modernity resides in a person being able to consciously connect with the consciousness of Nature that lay all around them. Why do I say this and what exactly am I talking about?


Defining My Terms

Before I begin I need to take a moment to define some of the terms I will be using in this series of essays. I define and use terms differently than you might be used to and I really want to make sure I am being very clear about what I am about to say.

Here are the definitions I will be working with:

Consciousness. The self-awareness each entity has is consciousness, whether living or even in that which appears to physical beings as non-living. Consciousness is a quality of energy that is non-local and resides in the infinite universe. It can be focused into created material bodies where the larger, non-local consciousness may intensely experience local events as desired. Everything has a consciousness and is alive in some way. If we know how, we can connect to and directly experience the essential natures of each of these various consciousnesses.

Material Body. The material body represents our greater physical body as expressed in this material aspect of the universe. It houses a portion of our consciousness and is our own creation. It is the body we know now.

Human. When I use the term human I am talking about an individual consciousness in a material physical body.

Spirit. The term I am using to describe the larger, limitless, timeless nature that represents each individual entity in the universe is spirit. It is a creation of our non-local consciousness. It is the unique and individual source for each individual life form, both material and non-physical, that an entity might have. A portion of the spirit inhabits every type of body that the spirit wishes to create. The spirit is capable of creating and inhabiting several different bodies at one time. The spirit can also create many different types of bodies required for experiencing different aspects of the universe.

I call all of these different bodies ‘spirit bodies’ even though they might be very different in nature. I do this only to differentiate these bodies from the material physical body humans normally know about. Modern humans usually only know of two bodies: their material physical body and their dream body. This dream body is a spirit body by my definition. I am putting all non-physical bodies into one group for the purposes of definition only.

Spirit is conscious energy in localized action, with different types of energy being used to create different types of bodies for use in different aspects of the universe.

Spirituality. When I use the term spirituality I am referring to a connection between two or more entities at some level other than the material body. Our non-local consciousness is both the originator and a major part of the spirit, as the spirit is also an expression of that consciousness. The non-local consciousness can explore the universe through many simultaneous expressions of spirit.

We are all unique individual expressions of our individual non-local consciousness, inhabiting the projection of our spirit expressed into the universe. We are not ‘all one’ - but we are all inter-connected. We, and everything we can see and feel and experience, are unique in our own ways. But we can connect consciously with everything - if we know how.

Nature. I will be using the term Nature as simply the entire biosphere and geology of this physical natural Earth, a planet circling a sun and our only physical home. We are all connected to it intimately. A portion of our consciousness is bound to the Earth when we are born here in our material body. We can consciously connect to this entire planet and all the life forms on it, each type of consciousness here, even objects we normally would not consider to be ‘alive’.


Some Additional Points

Understanding the use of energy and how best to conserve it over time is the most critical factor any being can explore. As non-physical spiritual beings made up mainly of energy, we either learn how to work together to use our energy properly and as efficiently as possible - or we learn how to steal it from other entities. The latter path is not sustainable, as eventually even an almost limitless being will run out of places from which to steal energy. Beings that choose this path do not learn how to properly handle energy since it is so easy to lie, cheat and steal to get it, especially in the physical manifestation of life. This path is ultimately a dead end.

The universe is infinite and you are potentially infinite in that universe. The terms ‘finite’ and ‘discreet’ are descriptive conventions for a material physical human in a physical body. They do not really exist except for use as definitions by physical humans with sensory limitations. Everything is physics; there is no metaphysics.

What I am not talking about is false spirituality: God, gods, holy anything, astral planes, hierarchy, angels, devils or any other human labels or conventions. For myself the concept of ‘planes’ is inaccurate because the term often gives the impression of one plane being better, or ‘higher’, than another. There is no ‘higher’. My discussion will have nothing at all to do with Religion as most humans understand the term.

These terms and definitions have all come from my direct observations and from lessons taught to me when I was a child. Your experiences, if you have had extraordinary events occur such as I did, might have been slightly different since we are all slightly different at our Earthly starting point. But, my continued experiences in these areas have led me to understand that in general this is how most physical people exist in the universe.

This is what I am trying to describe as the ‘real’ universe and the ‘real’ person who inhabits that universe. The universe and personhood I am now aware of are much more expansive and connected and personally responsible than the versions currently believed in and being lived out by most physical people presently living under the Lies of Modernity.

On Another Note: I will also be speaking of predators, including psychopathic predators, as being behind a lot of the problems humanity faces now. It is not important for you to believe that aspect of my essay in order for the power of your connection to Nature to have great value for you. Personally I always thought human predators led humans and that humans simply had to learn how to deal with them. However I did not recognize or accept the existence of non-physical predators - until one physically attacked me a few years ago.

For years my teachers taught me that we must learn to identify evil intent in other entities and be able to defend ourselves against this intent; but even after all the lessons on self defense I was in denial such entities really existed and had power and effect here in this place. The attack I speak of left a lasting and powerful impression on me.


The Collective Insanity

It seems to me one of the hallmarks of Modernity is the separation of humans from Nature. This separation has been accomplished mainly through the institutions of Religion and Science. The narrative of most of these man-made institutions is that humans are somehow special, separate and above Nature in some fundamental way, i.e. closer to God. This specialness has now been extended and expanded to the point where humans no longer feel any connection to, or responsibility for, Nature or natural life at all.

Does this attitude seem reasonable?

What would you say about a person who lived in a home of their own and had no sense of order, responsibility or concern for their home at all in almost any way? What if these people were neighbors of yours? You would probably think of them as slobs because of the trashy mess they allowed to build up in and outside their own home.

As the home deteriorated you would most likely be concerned for the sanity of the owners of that home. You might also be concerned for the welfare of the children who called that house a home and had to live in it. Maybe you would call child protective services to check the home out and make sure the children were still safe, living in such a mess.

Finally your personal sense of wealth would get the best of you when you realized the value of your own home was being dragged down by this disaster in your neighborhood. You and your neighbors would probably talk to these neighbors about what they were doing to everyone else by their behavior.

Your messy neighbors would actually be shocked you are concerned about what is happening. They thought you understood what was going on and would explain to you they had carefully calculated the costs of home repairs and expenses over time and decided their money and time was better spent making money in other ways, extracting wealth from other sources and not spending a dollar back into their own house. Besides, they had calculated they would die about one day before the home became totally uninhabitable and worthless and therefore they had no concerns at all for the future of the home. They wondered why you were not doing exactly the same thing.

When explained in such purely financial terms, this sounds completely reasonable - doesn’t it? But our world is not a place that can be defined or understood in purely financial terms.

This is the current collective attitude of humans toward our home, the Earth, the only source of our life. We are now almost completely separated from Nature in moral, physical and philosophical terms. It appears we have no care or concern for our home at all. We are degrading it and destroying it at will for financial gain only. We seem totally unconcerned for the lives of our own children, our grandchildren or the children of any other living being on this planet.

Humanity, collectively, is now utterly insane in my estimation. There is no other possible conclusion or definition for this kind of destructive mental state and relationship to Nature and the Earth, our one and only possible home and the source of our own life. This mental and philosophical separation of humans from Nature, i.e. setting us aside and separate and above Nature, is the exact cause of this insanity.

It has been said by some that we now live in the ‘Age of Ecocide’. How utterly insane is that?

Please do not misunderstand. There are other great lies incumbent in Modernity, but for this essay series I want to focus on this separation of humans from Nature because of what it does to each individual person.


The Curse of Separation

Why are there even words claiming there is a difference between humans and Nature? Or between us and all other living creatures? Why and how can we believe ourselves to be separate from all events of nature on Earth? These simple questions point to the artificial separation of humans from Nature on Earth and the obvious insanity this has caused.

Make no mistake about it. Connecting to the lost part of ourselves in Nature is not going to stop the insanity or the ecocide of Earth. But it may very well help us to hold on to our personal sanity when we realize that humanity as it currently exists in Modernity is now all but lost. We can only hope that all life on Earth is not also lost because of this collective belief in separation from Nature. There is no hope at all for modern humans and life on this Earth unless all the institutions currently supporting the insanity of Modernity are immediately removed from the equation.

Narratives have always controlled human communities by their stories as told from one generation to the next. Control that story and you control man and his communities. A false narrative now controls humanity. It has taken 30,000 years for the currently accepted false narrative to lead to this point of utter insanity.

“Oh? But we can fix it with new or better technology and methods and practices,” some will say.

Really? How has that worked out for the last 250 years? It would seem that each layer of new technology has actually made the issue of separation of humans from Nature worse, not better, and that most of these new technologies have done nothing for the overall well-being of the individual person.

Also, do we have any idea at all how incredibly fragile these technological systems of Modernity are and how utterly and completely they will fail once a collapse starts? Does this fragility seem like real strength and power in fundamental design - or just false hope?

This insane story of us being separate from Nature has led directly to the enslavement of humans for the benefit of a few psychopathic predators, with the unfortunate blowback the ecocide of Earth. Psychopaths are characterized by not having any concerns for their actions or their effects on others. I believe our situation with the Earth qualifies as psychopathically-driven.

I honestly do not know which will collapse first: modernity or the ecosphere. The end result for the individual person in either case is not going to be a happy one. But I am 100% certain that the collapse of one of those two possibilities - or both of them at once - will be the result of the narrative of Modernity.

However, it is still possible even at this late date for us to regain ourselves.

We might say, “But why should I care if all that we know of as life here is lost anyway? Besides, I am an infinite being and it won’t matter to me.”

I will tell you that, above all, you have your ‘Self’ to regain. And perhaps your family’s “Selves” as well because you are not mortal physical beings only. We are all very complex spirits of infinity and will go on, regardless of what happens here on Earth; but what happens here, and how we are affected by the Lies of Modernity while physical, will have an enduring effect on the larger part of us and our life as a spiritual being.

The statement I just made using the term ‘spiritual’ might make some readers here very uncomfortable. It almost sounds like ‘Religion’ in a way. But it is not Religion in any form that we know of. It is a simple statement of the nature of our true being. False, self-serving man-made lies regarding spirituality have stripped the knowledge of our true and real nature from all of us.

My suggestion? Firmly and forever, set aside any and all of these false human constructions; they are purposeful corruptions of eternal human truths, with evil intent behind them. But - if we choose to do this, it is imperative for each of us not to also throw away our real true nature as physical and spiritual beings because we might be uncomfortable with the idea of ourselves as infinite spiritual beings. Unless we come to understand what we really are and how things really are outside the Lies of Modernity, each of us will remain lost and in pain.

This has nothing at all to do with anything we think of as ‘Holy’ or ‘Godly’ or ‘Higher’ or ‘Special’ in any way. These are artificial, self-limiting connotations that have been layered over this entire subject by evil men wanting themselves to appear special as the holders of unique powers and connections to a ‘god’ somewhere in the sky. That is nonsense. These are intentional lies that have been created slowly over a very long period of time in order to help these evil men and entities enslave humankind and enrich themselves at the expense of all life on Earth.

What I am talking about is the inalienable and eternal, simple sovereign birthright of each individual born here as a physical being, human or other on this Earth, to have personal control over one’s own spiritual path and development. This is a birthright, not a special thing held by any self-declared elite class of people to administer and direct over us.

Dark Nature - Clean

The Human Birthright

This birthright of ours is not special at all because it is available to all, and vastly increases our awareness of life around us and of our capacity to live our own lives fully. It will give us a strength and power we never knew we had. It will show us the connections we have with all life on this Earth. It will give us clarity of vision and purpose. It will connect us directly to wonders and grace that are currently held under lock and key by false spirituality.

If acknowledged and engaged this birthright will begin to make us whole. It is nothing more than an expanded awareness into the life of beings all around us on Earth right now. And by that I do mean all beings; the inter-connections of life are not limited to what we might call sentient beings, i.e. self-aware entities, but also include all forms of life.

The earthworm is more connected to the fungi and bacteria around it than we humans are now to any form of life, including our fellow humans. This is a condition of awareness at once graceful and compassionate and caring and supportive. It is all the things Religion claims to be but is not. It is not Religion and has nothing at all to do with Religion. This connection to natural life is an easy, simple thing - yet so, so powerful to hold inside one’s self that it can change our entire relationship with all of life if we will allow it to do so.

It is very, very important for each of us to take some action right now to improve and expand our own awareness of our consciousness. Our ‘Self’ will continue on, no matter what happens to our physical life on Earth; but the health and well-being of that future Self will depend in large part on how we deal with the Lies of Modernity that are inside our physical human consciousness right now. We need to challenge these lies, confront them and change them if we can.

Cognitive Dissonance” (CD) has always encouraged us to challenge what we think we know as truths, the ones we have learned here as humans. I assume most of the readers of recall CD’s message and know that most of what we think of as real is actually a carefully constructed web of lies. It is now time to start to replace those lies with truths.


Our Natural Connection

One of the very best methods I learned to connect with Nature was to expand my consciousness so I could intentionally flow into, and inter-connect with, Nature all around me. If each of us will learn to do this it will open the way for us to see ourselves as connected to something much larger, more powerful, and much more graceful than what we have thought of as our separate, individual selves.

We can personally find our place in Nature instead of believing each of us is so very separate and alone. This connection will also reveal we are more than just finite physical beings, which is an essential aspect of our eternal, non-physical consciousness.

In turn this ability will give us the strength to face down some of the Lies of Modernity. This capability will foster in us the determination to begin to replace those lies with truths we find embodied in our connection to Nature. Most importantly this growing ability will cause our fears to diminish and fall away. Destroying our awareness of this capacity is exactly why the lie of separation was created in the first place.

Most people who are connected personally, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically to Nature will not be attracted to any false salvation or fear-inducing dogma. People truly connected to Nature cannot be frightened by any of the fears employed by those fake narratives to shape and control helpless people.

When a material physical human connects consciously with Nature, he or she can connect with innumerable spiritual consciousnesses of all life around them. It is a very profound spiritual experience, one usually quite beyond words. But it is not a ‘religious’ experience. It is a normal activity that all humans are capable of. It includes some of the very definitions of the unknown that should be part of Religion - but are not.

In order to conquer people directly connected to Nature, they must first be physically killed or subdued because they are too powerful in and of themselves to be controlled by fears and false narratives of spirituality. It took Christianity 1,500 years of brutal, bloody genocide to kill every pagan Gnostic, burn all their books and remove their narrative from this Earth. This fact alone should tell you the power of a direct physical connection to Nature and how important it is to organized religion to make sure no one is able to make that connection.

Christianity, in all its many forms, has specifically employed this kind of absolute destruction and continuing suppression to every indigenous person and culture discovered throughout the various eras of colonial conquest. Salvationist dogma cannot tolerate the common human’s direct personal connection to Nature.

The loss of this natural connection is so complete now that most of us don’t even know we have such ability. We are each like spiritual ‘walking wounded’, limping through life, fearful of anything that might happen to us because, at some deep level, we now actually believe we are without power and therefore completely helpless. Such power now seems to lie elsewhere, in the hands of those who tell us what we can and cannot do and why, by their rules, this is so. Such high and relentless levels of fear are very useful to the keepers of the lie because this condition of constant stress and reaction to negative stimulus allows us to be so easily controlled.

Connecting to Nature is one of the easiest ways to expand our consciousness into areas that are currently forbidden by the keepers of the lie. Reconnecting will allow us to grow in strength at times when we will really need that strength. It will give us clarity of vision, a sense of purpose, and pathways to options we never knew existed. It is one of the easiest ways for us to regain our personal sovereignty.

I am talking specifically about a direct, conscious connection to Nature in these essays and I am doing this on purpose. There are many other ways one can expand one’s consciousness and possibly connect to other areas of the universe. However, some of these other connections are just too difficult to make for those humans who are entering the early stages of a growing awareness that each of us is far more than simply a limited physical creature with no inherent eternal consciousness or power.

For example I don’t want anyone to accidentally discover infinity. A person who only knows of their discrete finite mental abilities can be seriously injured by accidentally falling into infinity. Connections to trees and other natural elements here on Earth are an excellent, safe and careful way to begin to expand into what we really are as spiritual beings.

But the most important thing the connection to Nature will do is to begin to wash from us the influences of the Lies of Modernity. This is most important for our future as non-physical beings. I will deal with this in great detail in the next essay, from the point of view of my personal experiences.

It is important, though, to understand how the false spiritual narrative and the hosts of other false institutional memes are used to control physical people. This will help us to understand why this one simple thing, a direct conscious connection to Nature, is so important and useful to break the narrative of lies. So I offer the following, my understanding of one aspect of our true nature as physical beings based on my lessons as a child.


What I Was Taught

Physical life for material physical beings is based on individual personal experiences and the potential for personal growth. The actual real nature of the spirit, and the non-local consciousness of humans, is very connected to others and to many places, times and objects. So that we may more fully explore and experience being physical humans, this connection to others needed to be reduced in order for the personal aspect of each embodied individual to become larger and more pronounced while each of us exists here on Earth as a physical being.

A special feature of the physical brain was developed to help with this needed personal identity. We currently call this feature the ego, although I call it the ‘awake mental voice’. This thing, the ego, is what you consider to be ‘you’. But it is not you; it is a physical mental construct. We exist far beyond this thing. Our awake mental voice helps center our physical self here in this physical place. It tips the balance between our eternal, separate physical entity and our connected spiritual, or non-local, entity towards a focus on the physical entity. This is necessary and desirable for the development of individual personalities here on Earth.

The awake mental voice is a joint compilation of an individual physical identity and all the experiences of that individual over time while physical. One of the abilities that was always expected to endure in us was the ability to be, at will, in a direct conscious state of connection to Nature. This would help center a physical entity within the infinity of Nature and allow this physical entity to experience the non-local aspect of themselves.

About 30,000 years ago this process was interfered with by some not-so-nice non-human entities. They realized they could control humans by controlling the portion of the awake mental voice that is created through experience. Part of this process required that the natural connection of humans to Nature be broken. This would isolate us even more and allow us to be even more easily controlled through the narrative portion of our experiences.

This long-term process is now completed to the point where humans are basically non-functional in relationship to their greater Selves and severely damaged spiritually as a result of this tampering. It is as though predators have infected humans with a psychopathically constructed virus of deliberately crafted experiences designed to render mankind weak, powerless, fearful and partially blind.

An easy way to break the stranglehold of this infection - an antidote, so to speak - is to reconnect to our true nature in Nature. Trying to think through this process and regain control of physical consciousness by relying on the use of the awake mental voice through analysis of our situation is very difficult. The awake mental voice is the main part of the physical entity that has been infected and partially destroyed.

The awake mental voice loves to think, loves to live in the past and loves to deal with issues, working and working and working and never going anywhere. Thinking about issues is usually not productive at all in substantially changing the awake mental voice. This is why so many Eastern philosophies use non-verbal trances to break the control the awake mental voice has over the physical consciousness.

You might ask, “Well, if this was done to us, can’t we easily undo it? After all, human free will still operates, doesn’t it? We can just decide not to follow these utterly reprehensible lies anymore.” And I would agree with this - up to a point.

Personally, we can do that - and do it this instant. But what exactly will we do to replace all the other false institutions based upon those lies that are established everywhere now? These are so egregious and obvious now that even ‘money’ states on its face that it is no longer money; yet the instant we accept that money into our hand and mind we willingly accept all the precepts, conditions and connotations of that fake non-money. We accept the lies and become a willing participant in the lies. At present we are all willing participants. Notice the word ‘willing’. We now have almost no option other than to accept these lies of our own free will and comply with the ongoing consequences of doing so.


Leaving the False Construct

There is no truly good way to escape unless you take yourself to some isolated island somewhere and forgo all contact with the rest of modernity. This is not a bad solution at all - some communities, such as the Amish, do it to one degree or another. Yet even their lives are now lived as a reaction to the Lies of Modernity, instead of as a celebration of their own beliefs, styles and grace.

The only thing we can realistically do is to take control of ourselves and become aware and responsible as best we can, knowing all the time that we will not be 100% successful. This will allow us to regain some of our sovereignty as living beings of this Earth. And it will make it much more possible for us to escape real disaster once we are no longer physical.

Some might say, “Well, if all of this is so, maybe I should just kill myself and simply get it over with.” While I would agree this is certainly one option I will explain in a following essay why choosing this response is not a good choice.

The events of transition from a physical form to a spiritual form are complicated by the fact that almost no physical human alive now is at all aware that there might actually be acceptable options regarding choosing our moment of death. Most of us are clueless in very dangerously ignorant ways around this complex subject, and thus can make some fundamentally disastrous mistakes by choosing such a manner of transitioning out of the physical.

The issue of suicide is full of cultural connotations and prohibitions that will carry through to the spirit body unless the entity really understands these deep issues - and almost none who are here now do. I would never encourage suicide in anyone; it is too problematic and the personal outcome so very difficult to predict in individual cases. Death and transition are complex subjects worthy of an entire essay discussion all on their own.


More Than This

Remember, we are not just physical beings; we are infinite spiritual entities. We are responsible for the well-being of that greater non-physical self-entity just as much as we are for our own, more limited, personal physical being here on Earth. We are constantly creating both this physical entity and our much larger non-local spiritual entity as we go. This is really important stuff and not easy at all to do when we have no clue what we really are or how to take care of ourselves. All of our real teachers and the lessons they could have transmitted to us regarding the truth about our real nature have been murdered by Modernity - literally murdered.

The point of these essays will be to give each of us some simple but very powerful tools we can use to take back much of our personal sovereignty as physical beings and also better prepare ourselves for the larger part of our existence in the universe. It is not just or fair at all that so many of the possible experiences each of us could be living here on Earth have now been corrupted and reduced to such painful, pitiful shadows of their true wonder and beauty.

In closing I wish to ask you to consider a story from the Bible - but to consider it somewhat differently than you are used to doing. Remember the story of Adam and Eve being tempted by the serpent, eating from the tree of Nature and being driven out of this direct connection to natural paradise by a ‘sky god’? This is the story that begins the three great monotheistic religions on Earth today.

What if this story is absolutely true as a metaphor (and a very slight metaphor at that, one that is more truth than myth) for what has really happened to humans - except that this ‘sky god’ is no god at all but is the artificial construct of an insane, predatory non-physical entity that has been able to use this metaphor in order to disconnect humans from Nature and thus control us?

The very best lie is the Big Lie that hides in plain sight.

Think about the rest of the Bible and all the Salvationist religions and the civilization of Modernity created by those religions in terms of forcing upon each of us an absolute separation from Nature, and thus from our own true nature as beings in this universe.

In upcoming essays I will talk about how to connect to our true nature, how to protect ourselves when we do this and, most importantly, what this will mean to us for most of the rest of our lives, both physical and non-physical. Reconnecting with Nature at the personal conscious level will allow each of us to push these lies away by first pushing away the very fears those lies have caused.

In Essay Three, we will begin to explore exactly how this can be done.


Written by On The Beach

29 June 2014

Iba, Zamabales, Philippines


On The Beach 2 - Clean

5 thoughts on “The Antidote – Essay Two: The Antidote”

  1. OtB wrote:

    “What if this story is absolutely true as a metaphor (and a very slight metaphor at that, one that is more truth than myth) for what has really happened to humans – except that this ‘sky god’ is no god at all but is the artificial construct of an insane, predatory non-physical entity that has been able to use this metaphor in order to disconnect humans from Nature and thus control us?”

    Not only that, but this predator(Archon?) has since then convinced large numbers of our fellow humans to believe that we humans were created in this predator’s image.

    Is that why so many humans have become stone cold predators themselves?

    Great work OtB! Some portions of this installment make me think I need to re-examine some of my own thought processes. But that’s the idea, right? ;)

    1. Hello Dis:

      The entire subject of predators and psychopathy is so filled with controversy that it is difficult to even think about, much less talk about in an open forum. But I honestly feel that humankind has no chance at all as a species unless and until humankind individually and collectively faces this issue.

      The short and very painful answer to your question is yes, in my opinion.

      The predators, both physical and non-physical can not affect the actual long term physical structure of mankind but can deeply, perversely and constantly affect the portion of mankind that is learned while here, the conditioned part. Until humankind decides to become responsible for its entire nature, physical and non-physical and retake control of that nature, then humankind will suffer.

      I was told one time, in very strong and forceful terms, that learning to identify evil intent, avoid such intent and defend myself and my family from evil intent was part of the responsibility of being alive and physical in this place.

      We all have the tools and skills inside ourselves to make this change from conditioned controlled slave to empowered sovereign being as long as we are willing to take responsibility for our own thoughts and actions. The lies are very clear and easy to see but finding a way past the lies is not so easy. Reexamination is a continual process that leads to growth and change and empowerment. But it does not necessarily include ‘ease’ in the process, especially now when surrounded by evil lies.

  2. Well, what a wonderful surprise, just as I was wondering when would this ever appear, being so eager and all!!
    So, my first real question from this essay – “One of the very best methods I learned to connect with Nature was to expand my consciousness so I could intentionally flow into, and inter-connect with, Nature all around me. If each of us will learn to do this it will open the way for us to see ourselves as connected to something much larger, more powerful, and much more graceful than what we have thought of as our separate, individual selves.

    My question; – Specifically, how did you expand your consciousness so that you could intentionally flow into……? I may be premature in my eagerness to get my tail off a launchpad, but as soon as I read this sentence, I pounced on it with all four feet ( I am a dawg in Chile, after all). So please, if I need to purchase the book, I’ll take it, here’s my credit card #…….! Seriously, I love where you are going, please take me with you.


  3. @Glynn:

    Haha…….. yes yes, we will get there. Just a few minor administrative details to get behind us first. I want to try to set a proper stage for everyone so they can be successful in this attempt. I really really do want people to try this thing and hopefully to be successful in it. I would not have taken my time to write all this if I did not really think this connection to Nature would offer people a way to jump start themselves out of Modernity.

    Some people say that the awareness expansion caused by nature drugs is a life changing experience. I can not comment as I have not done this. But, I have wandered in Nature almost all my life and know that connection to be beyond words and completely life changing. You can not stay stuck in Modernity while experiencing a direct personal connection to Nature unless you are a completely clueless schmuck. And Glynn, I know you’re not in that group at all.

    So please be patient and I will dish up several different ways to do this thing.


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