The Antidote – Essay Six: What To Do Now?

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Essay Six: What To Do Now?


Essay One:  “The Introduction”

Essay Two:  “The Antidote”

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Essay Four:  "How to Protect Yourself"

Essay Five:  "Creating Expanded Consciousness"


The main point of this series of essays is to give each of us some powerful tools to counteract the effects of The Lies of Modernity. This insidious and intentional programming, now enforced through propaganda and modern memes, is an all-pervasive conditioning that warps and limits, perverts and controls every individual’s natural consciousness, compressing it down into the tightly-limited form of the awake mental voice. Counteracting this repressive conditioning is not such an easy thing to do since most people have no idea what has been done to them, no idea they are in fact much more than their awake mental voice, no idea what they have lost in this process - and certainly no idea what this loss will lead to as an ultimate end result.

Without being too alarmist about it I have tried to make the point that our very well-being as entities in eternity is strongly affected by what we do as physical persons while here on Earth, the choices we make and the influences we allow into our consciousness. And even more importantly, we are not the only beings deeply affected by the choices we make both individually and collectively; all of life on this physical Earth is at risk as well.

We don’t know what is going to happen at the ‘big picture’ level here on Earth - and that drama is, frankly, out of our control anyway. We are responsible specifically for ourselves throughout this transformational time. No matter the outcome, we are required to do the very best we can by taking full responsibility for ourselves - and because of the way the universe works, we are bound to accept the consequences for our own actions. We must do what we can to learn how to step out of the oppressive conditioning used to control us, while leaving the larger drama up to others much more capable of dealing with it than we are. I do not speak here of any human agency, but rather of much greater powers: the powers of those who created Earth and all that is a part of it - including us.

Regaining the lost portion of your greater Self will be an excellent place to begin this journey of returning to our true Selves.


Facing the Challenges to Come

By rediscovering how to access the infinite link that connects us to all of Life, we will create a firm foundation upon which to build a truthful replacement for the false conditioning that has been used to subjugate and control us since birth. But there should be no mistake about how hard and difficult and challenging this process will be.

Since there is almost no truthfulness left in this place, there will be very few resources a recently ‘awakened’ person can turn to for information or help. The power of the lie here is so enormous that it will be oh so easy to slide back into denial and the comfort of our present conditioning. As long as physical life is slowly crumbling toward system failure, it will be easier in many ways to simply avoid doing anything at all regarding personal change.

The urgency will come when the crumble turns into a cascading collapse and the situation flies out of all control into realms of pure random chance for our survival as physical beings. Then individuals are going to wish they had put a few more tools in the old toolbox. A very good way to begin stocking that toolbox would be choosing to exist as a physical entity more wholly aware and spiritually prepared for what is to come.

Collapse will drive people away from the Big Lie - but in a very terrible way. Since we have no clue regarding who we really are and how things really work, we will flail about in frustration and pain as we leave such lies behind. When this happens it would be wise to remember that all sorts of new lies will be developed along the way as a stop-gap response to this situation. The psychopathic predators will not have gone away; in fact, for the short term, they will be even more determined to manipulate and deceive, while their apologists and supporters become a greater and greater percentage of the population as normal people ‘disappear’ while our world collapses around us. They will work hard to develop new and better methods of control within the collapse environment. Please be aware of this

Personally I think it would be a very good plan while the time is still available to strengthen our self and create a new, better and more firm foundation based on choosing to become a more completely aware entity. The easiest way I know to start this process is to expand our consciousness and reconnect through Nature with the larger part of who we really are.

I know, I know - this kind of thing sounds simply crazy; so I want to pose the issue to you in another way.


Reading the Handwriting on the Wall

I feel most of the readers of are aware that something is terribly wrong in the world today. This ‘wrongness’ is manifest in many ways, as well-known systems of society and life seem to be degenerating into chaos all around us. Most of us recognize it is just fundamentally wrong that humankind has become so lost we now threaten our own lives as well as the life of the Earth by our very existence and actions.

Many readers will understand that the real issues behind these failures are not the failures themselves, but something far more fundamental, something essential within us that appear to have gone terribly, terribly wrong. But what? What fundamental thing could be at the heart of these institutional failures?

The answer is simple: what has gone wrong is the loss of a connection to our very core nature as spiritual beings here on Earth.

At its heart the present and coming conflict is a spiritual war, a term that will make most of us grind our teeth in denial and tempt us to reject this statement. I wish I had another term to use because the word ‘spiritual’ has been co-opted and tied to the lies of Modern Religion for a very long time. Such lies have been developed to hide humanity’s true nature from us, making us weak, controllable and unstable.

Remember that Religion, an institution supposedly developed to explain the unexplainable, is really intended to obscure and prohibit the very easily explainable from us for the sake of creating total control over human perceptions and self-awareness. Such humanly-created institutions are actually totally dishonest falsehoods operating in terribly destructive ways.

The term ‘spiritual’ now comes with all sorts of religious overtones, undertones and connotations. Most of these connotations involve a separation of the physical human from the spiritual human. This false separation is now being mediated by many varieties of ‘Religion’: fake ‘old-time’ Religion; fake modern Science; fake institutions. All……all are entirely false in usurping something they have no right to claim sovereignty over anyway.

Something that is meant to be very easily and naturally experienced by any living person is now controlled and mediated by the very institutions that are supposed to explain these things. The spiritual nature of man is now under the direct control of humankind's institutions; and to step outside of that control is to risk censure - or even death.

Never forget, the Inquisition is still in operation.

There is no religious overtone or religious need or religious obligation at all necessary in order for a person to explore and reconnect to his or her own true Being-ness. Think about this for a second. Why in the name of all truth is it against the law in almost all societies for people to explore and extend their expanded consciousness? Even the use of naturally-occurring psychotropic drugs is a mandatory 25-year prison sentence in almost all developed countries - yet to my knowledge not one person has ever been fatally harmed by a psychotropic mushroom. In many other countries ‘witches’, a term frequently used to demonize those who are shamanic in nature, are incarcerated in mental institutions - or still put to death. Why?

The reason these proscriptions exist is to prevent us from exploring our own real nature. This situation has nothing at all to do with Religion. It has to do with Nature - our own true nature, the ‘true nature of us’ that has been stripped from us and hidden in plain sight. All institutions are false in that they have been created for the sole purpose of denying our natural, direct connection with Nature from every human on the face of this planet.

There is, at present, no true Religion actively attempting to help each individual explore his or her own consciousness. A true Religion would be facilitating such ‘spiritual’ exploration, not trying to control it or to deny it is even possible as current Religions now do. But the use here of the very words ‘spiritual’ or ‘spirit’ will make many readers uncomfortable and will tempt them to reject what I am saying because of our already preconceived assumption that such words are the sole possession of ‘Religion’. If we do this, we will be throwing the baby out with the bath water. And the ‘bad guys’ will continue to take full advantage of our ignorance and willing acceptance of their well-crafted, ongoing control mechanism over this core aspect of being human here on Earth.

There is nothing magical, mysterious, holy, demonic, or strange at all about the subject of one’s own true nature. There is no need at all for organized Religions to intercede between us and our own real nature. They are humanly-constructed institutions designed to explain the unknown and they are being used to control the explanation and experience of something fundamentally available to each living person. This is nothing more than the theft of our own personal, spiritual human sovereignty.

It is unreasonable to think that humanity so conflicted and out of touch with its real nature as whole beings could ever create properly functioning institutions of community and governance.

If we allow this theft to stand, then by our own free will we are embracing the rest of the lies used to control us and our lives. This is the fundamental issue, the one that lies beneath all of the secondary-system failures we see daily throughout our society.

Hangzhou Oval - Clean

Coming Back to You

As Cognitive Dissonance, the founder and host of, will always and properly say: the issues and choices always come back to us. It is right there inside each of us. Each of us, individually, must fix this broken thing inside of our own individual selves - this deeply spiritual thing that has nothing at all to do with current institutional Religion - before we can really be whole and capable and able to stand against the large and the small Lies of Modernity.

What has happened to humankind on Earth is the equivalent of child abuse; nothing more and nothing less. The true tragedy in all of this is that billions living here are now so abused they can never be normal humans again, no matter what happens next. Fortunately, Forever is eternal and it includes the opportunity to heal and to become whole again.

This loss of humankind's true nature as an infinite spiritual being is the fundamental issue wrong on our Earth now. And it can only be fixed by each of us doing our utmost to learn the truth about ourselves and not to be influenced by the lies created to keep humans from knowing fully, and thus understanding completely, our own eternal and incorruptible true Self.

This is nothing less than a very crucial war, a war now being fought one person at a time over the freedom to live a life here on Earth that is truly of one’s own making.

I started this fifth essay with the title: ‘What To Do Now?’ And that is an interesting question to ask of ourselves at this point. It is interesting because if we do decide to personally discover who and what we really are, each of us will ultimately become a very unique, beautifully real . . . and possibly very lonely person living within this current ‘Civilization of Lies’.

Unique and beautiful because we will each begin to embody our true Self and everyone around us will feel that embodiment in some way - and lonely because almost no one around us will understand us or know what we are talking about if we attempt to share anything with them about our personal evolution. They will probably think we are crazy. And we will certainly begin to walk down a few very different roads in our lives because of the choices we have each made to truly see our real and eternal Selves and to act accordingly.


It’s Only Natural

If, just once, we allow ourselves to expand into Nature and learn more about what we really are, what happens to us personally from that point on will depend on how deep and how expansive this experience is for us - and how far we choose to take it over time.

But we do not need to take it very far at all to inoculate ourselves against the Lies of Modernity. One simple experience of our consciousness flowing out into thousands and millions and billions of directions at once should be enough for us to realize that each of us, through our connection to the life around us, is more than we were ever taught or ever imagined we could be.

One experience of the natural, energetic indivisibility of objects will be enough for us to realize the falseness of the concepts of finite material existence, and especially the extremely limited concepts of polarity and duality now ruling our planet and our consciousness. Simplistic linear concepts such as duality and polarity do not exist at all in Nature, and each of us will realize beyond a shadow of a doubt how these false concepts are used to keep us separated at a very subtle level, one from the other.

It is amazing to discover these huge realizations are possible through the simple act of just connecting to a tree. We do not have to go to any distant realm, follow any great guru or god, go through years of self-denial or speak to any strange creatures. We just need to re-connect to the Mother Earth of our birth. She will show each of us who we really are.

If we do explore at deeper levels, we might find ourselves connecting to the non-physical beings that are in constant support of us physically. Direct awake communication with these entities can open channels in our physical mind such that we will be able to communicate directly with them at all times.

This might at first sound like simply having yet another voice in one’s head; but it is not. It will be quite different in tone and quality - and at all times will be instantly recognizable as coming from them. They are always available for consultation and support. We must simply ask. That is all. This voice will never tell us what to do, but will always provide support and assistance if asked. It is a tremendous comfort to know we have another ‘set of eyes’ helping us at all times.

Our explorations as we go will lead us on to greater and greater levels of conscious awareness of our own innately expanded abilities and connections. Deeper exploration can lead into areas of direct management and control of energy, usually the electro-magnetic energy of the Earth. We can learn how to gather, focus and control this energy as well as how to use it appropriately for both creation and in service to others.

None of these things will make us ‘normal’, or popular with the ‘normal’ society that exists now. In older times, people with these abilities were known and understood and accepted as respected and contributing members of the group. Just as with every other exceptional personal skill, some people excel in these areas. In older times, such individuals were respected and valued; today, they are reviled and excluded. How far we have fallen!

If we explore this part of our true nature, our expression of such abilities will be unique to each of us and different from that of others. This is our individual ‘gift’ to others in this life; if we take the time to discover what it is and are willing to both develop it fully and share it with those around us, it will add greatly to the richness and dimension of all of our lives here on Earth.

What each of us does with this unique difference will depend on the depth to which we explore it and what we decide to do with it. But the lasting inoculation against the Lies of Modernity, i.e. The Antidote, does not require personal work of much depth at all. Just one successful instant spent within the loving embrace of Nature will be enough for each of us to recognize the insanity of Modernity; that one unforgettable embrace will give us the tools and strength to start throwing away the lies, especially the lies created around the fear of physical death, and begin to set ourselves free to walk our own paths and be our own true Selves.


Walking My Walk

As an example of how this looks, I can only speak of my own experiences and what I have personally done about all of this.

I consciously stepped out of the training of my non-physical teachers when I was about 15 years old. I realized to continue would probably force me to live apart from other people. You simply become too strange for more ‘normal’ people to feel comfortable with you. I was a teenager and wanted no part of that, so I walked away from it.

But I learned over time I couldn’t get away from it at all. They are always with you. The lessons are always with you. I never allowed anyone else to know these things about myself. No one knew - not my family (other than my siblings) or my friends. But recently I have been feeling guilty. I know I have had very unique experiences and insights that might be useful to others - especially now. The approaching troubling times have brought me out of hiding.

Now I am sharing a bit of me and a tiny bit of what I learned as a child in the hope what I am saying will resonate with others out there and allow each of you who are reading this to experience more of your true Self. I have no interest in being a teacher of anyone; but I am happy to be a sharing friend.

We are all so much more than we think we are, so much more than we have any idea about. I wish I could take each one of you by the hand and show you. But it does not work that way. In this case you must find out on your own and incorporate that experience into your growing sense of your true, natural Self.

It will be magnificent for you.


On the Beach

27 July 2014

Iba, Zambales, Philippines


Tropical Beach - Clean

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  1. Hi Disenchanted:

    Thank you for the kind words Disenchanted.

    And thank you so much for this link. The last place in America I lived was the PNW and I have seen the Killer Whales many times in Puget Sound. There is not a single doubt in my mind but that those self-aware creatures can read our thought forms and interact with us if they wish.

    On 2 separate occasions I have been engaged by wild marine mammals up close and personal in deep discussions with them. Both occasions were very mysterious and enchanting experiences. The first time was with a wild dolphin while I was wade fishing in Matagorda Bay on the Texas Gulf Coast. She came up within a foot of me and ‘talked’ to me for several minutes. The second was with a Killer Whale in British Columbia who surfaced at a boat dock and chatted with me and my daughters for a few minutes. In both these events it was clearly obvious these big female animals had something to say to us and meant exactly to do that in the only way they knew how. I have no exact idea what they were saying but I know it was important for them to say it.

  2. Hi There, OtB –

    Wow. Did you ever think, through the long edit process on these puppies, that you would now be at this point? Essay Six! I’m so happy to see all of this hard work out there for the world to explore, think about and try on for size.

    Thank you for offering me the opportunity to assist you in getting this series – and the next! – buffed up and out the door; I learned tons as we worked, and know that you have so much more to share in coming days. (Stay tuned, folks! He’s just getting started! :)

    Big, Furry Huzzahs from

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