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Two Ice Floes is pleased to announce special features we are making available to the general public. Although our forums are now restricted for Premium Members Only to read and comment in, the portion of the Forums created and hosted by Premium Members will remain open for all to read. Those Member Created Forums can be found here.

Two Ice Floes content accessible to everyone:

Our Life on The Mountain - Homestead and Health containing many pages of resources with links and stories.

Ongoing Updates From the Mountain relating as promised progress reports on the conversion from City Mice to Country Mice.

Articles and content submitted to our site and posted under Your Turn to Publish as well as occasional cross posted material from other sites under Perspectives.

Periodic Videos From the Mountain will remain visible to all.

Mrs. Cog's Resources and Links, which includes Free Online Learning Programs and Light Reading  are still open access.

Some articles written by Cognitive Dissonance and Mrs. Cog can still be viewed by everyone. Those reserved for Members Only will be marked with a (Ψ) symbol and requires a basic membership to access.

Basic Memberships are available for $20.00 per year (that's less than $.39 per week) to access all articles on Two Ice Floes and enable commenting beneath those articles.

Premium Memberships are available for $50.00 per year or $30.00 for six months and allow full access to the entire site. That includes full access to the Forums where you will have capabilities to reply, create Topics and even host your own Forum area which will be visible to the general public.

If find yourself spending a great deal of time here, please consider expanding your access while supporting our efforts and become a member of the Two Ice Floes community.

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